Northern Slang – a How To Guide

I think it's well known by now that I'm a Northerner (a true one, too!). I'm originally from Chester-Le-Street and my nana is from South Shields (the rest of my family is Scottish), so I'm pretty well versed in northern slang. I live in Teesside now and go to college with people from Yorkshire which... Continue Reading →


Boohoo Makeup Review

The other day I was browsing Boohoo, looking for some clothes(more on that to come) and decided to check out their cosmetics. I'd bought the original highlighter palette, eyeshadow palette and liquid lips when they first released their own range, and was quite impressed with the quality. Since then, they've released a load more stuff... Continue Reading →

To Vlog or Not to Vlog

That is the question. Like Hamlet, I am stuck asking a seemingly unanswerable question. For some time now I've been considering the possibility of vlogging. This would be alongside my blog, as I'm not interesting enough to vlog every single day. I'd love to do videos with musicians as little extras, as well as using... Continue Reading →

Alex Alexander

With over sixteen million streams on Spotify, Alex Alexander is quite the accomplished musician. His unique voice and style set him apart from the crowd, allowing masses of people to enjoy his music.   When did you first get into music? How did this happen? The first time I got totally hooked on music was... Continue Reading →

Understanding Theft

There are five basic elements to theft, which can be found in its definition. Theft is defined in section one of the Theft Act 1968, as 'a dishonest appropriation of property belonging to another with the intention to permanently deprive'. The actus reus of theft contains three elements. The first element to understand is appropriation.... Continue Reading →


Wren is a incredible singer songwriter from England. At only fourteen, she exudes talent and confidence beyond her years, with a voice most of us could only dream of.   How did you first get into singing? I have a rather musical family. My mum's side is full of eccentric people, her father was a... Continue Reading →

Lexi Sullivan

With a voice like honey, Lexi Sullivan is strangely addictive. She's a gifted singer and occasional songwriter and as an amazingly humble and kind person, Lexi deserves everything that comes her way!   You've been singing since you were a little girl? What's your first memory of performing? Yes, I have been singing ever since... Continue Reading →

Annie Grace

Annie Grace is one of those people you just instantly like. She's bubbly, kind and incredibly warm and welcoming. Not only is her personality brilliant, she's also an amazing singer who I was lucky enough to interview!   You said you've been singing your whole life but have never had any lessons. Do you think... Continue Reading →

Wolsingham Show

Wolsingham Show is a large agricultural show just outside of Wolsingham, County Durham. It's also the oldest agricultural show in England and 2018 is its 239th year. It usually takes place the first weekend of September (right now, as I'm writing this post) so bear it in mind for next year! If you've never been... Continue Reading →

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